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Acupuncture for Pain and Stress Relief

Combing the ancient techniques of Acupuncture and modern technology, I will do everything I can to help you feel better during each session. Needles are as fine as a hair, painless and are sterile and single-use. In case you missed it in my bio, I found Acupuncture when I was a professor at Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine. I was teaching Biochemical Nutrition and had years of severe shoulder pain. My students encouraged me to try Acupuncture. I was skeptical, but within four months of Acupuncture I was pain free. I signed up to start the four year degree program after two months. 

Acupuncture is performed in a relaxing environment and session last about 50 minutes. Please feel free to schedule an appointment by following this link. Dress comfortably.


Micro-Needling with Stem Cells for Scars

This has really become a passion of mine after experiencing relief. I had nerve pain, itching, discoloration and bumpy scaring after my double mastectomy. After my first session I had a smoother appearance and significantly less pain and itching, I used some numbing cream, but want you to know it was still a little uncomfortable. Vegan stem cells, collagen, elastin and others potent topicals are combined into a customized formula for your specific needs. Here are my before and after scars:



before scar.jpeg





After 4 Sessions 

after scar.jpeg

After 4 Sessions 


5 weeks after first session

Using a specialized device, micro-needling results in the production of new collagen and elastin, with improvements in skin tone and texture, firmness as well as reduction in scars, pore size, and stretch marks. This technique increases the absorption of the topicals 2,000-3,000% over regular needling! 
Micro-needling involves parting the top layer of skin without damage, leaving the skin intact.  It does not “burn” skin like peels or more invasive lasers. There is no downtime, but there are some contra-indications and aftercare instruction. Please click here to send me an email with any questions. Schedule an appointment by clicking here. 

Micro-needling Therapy also called Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), SkinPen and Percutaneous (through the skin) Collagen Induction (PCI), is a minimally invasive skin-rejuvenation procedure. The mechanical action of the pen allows the needles to puncture the skin and create a controlled injury at a specific depth. Each puncture creates a channel that triggers the bodies natural healing process to fill these micro wounds by producing new collagen and elastin in the papillary dermis. In addition, new capillaries are formed for improved blood supply.


Medi-Cupping for Recovery

(included in your Acupuncture session when appropriate)

Medi-cupping utilizes a specialized device which allows me to regulate the intensity to allow for maximum effectiveness without leaving behind marks. Cupping draws the inflammation out from deep in the tissue. The skin can turn red with strong movements, indicating that circulation has been brought to the surface. Redness disappears within an hour. Application of CBD balm and/or essential oil blends immediately after treatment will enable absorption of the product deep into the tissue.


Increasing local blood supply to the muscles and skin will bring nourishment and allow for toxins to be carried away via the lymphatic system. Conditions of chronic and acute pain can be relieved with minimal discomfort and tense muscles softened quickly and easily. Medi-cupping is wonderfully effective to release restrictions in fascia and scar tissue.


BEMER (Pulse EMF) for


(included in your Acupuncture session when appropriate)

I have been in love with BEMER technology for over 10 years and have seen the increased benefits when used during Acupuncture sessions. BEMER devices are the perfect personal and professional adjuvant solution for everyday users. Through muscle stimulation, the BEMER device may be used to promote overall vitality, relaxation, well-being and relief of stress. Studies repeatedly show increased 

Hundreds of thousands of clients, including several olympic competitors and whole international sports teams, are the hallmark and proof of BEMER’s deserved position at the apex of its market segment. BEMER is available during your session as well as for purchase for every day use. It takes just eight minutes, twice a day to experience the benefits. If you know about the benefits and would like to purchase your own BEMER, please click here. If you would like to know more, you are interested in the BEMER for horses or would like to schedule a session, please click here

During the past 15 years, there have been 46 publications about BEMER therapy and four scientific studies listed in PubMed ( 

Alpha-Stim for Anxiety, Pain and Stress Relief

(included in your Acupuncture session when appropriate)

Do you need a better way to relieve pain, control anxiety, fight depression, or treat insomnia? The Alpha-Stim electrotherapy device is proven effective and safe for pain management and treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and depression. It  has no lasting side effects, no risk of addiction, and no danger of interaction with medications. Alpha-Stim helps you fight both the sleepless nights and the overwhelming sadness that can make it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Click here for a research link.

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