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Acupuncture for Pain and Stress

Reduce Back, Neck, and Muscle Pain, Improve Circulation, Increase Joint Range of Motion

Combining ancient techniques with modern science, acupuncture has been shown to increase the body's natural anti-inflammatories, morphine-like pain relievers, immune boosting cells, blood oxygen levels and has an effect on the brains ability to help you heal and feel your best. 


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Increase Energy, Improve Recovery, Boost Memory and Healing

Come see what all the buzz is about in this relaxing chamber that heals and rejuvenates. Check out Lebron James getting into the same chamber we use. We had dozens of football players preparing for the NFL draft using our Chamber to improve their recovery time and improve performance. We even had an ESPN film crew here filming Rashan Gary relaxing. Proven to significantly reduce recovery time after exercise, heal from injury in less time, improve memory, and reduce consequences from sports related traumatic brain injury. Click here for a great HBOT article.


Computerized Spinal Alignment (Sigma Instruments)


NASA used this technology to check the screw positions on the space shuttle. Now it is used to check your spine position and mobility. These gentle and effective alignment sessions take 15 minutes with an additional 15 minutes of relaxation to allow the alignment to hold. This technology provides constant feedback on each vertebra during the alignment process instead of guessing and cracking. Most people reports feeling better almost immediately.