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Heat Waves

My Friday Five. Five things I've been implementing and exploring this week.

Things I’m learning: Malcolm Gladwell's MasterClass on storytelling

I have read several of Malcolm Gladwell’s books. I find him a fascinating storyteller and was excited to see him offering a MasterClass on storytelling. Listening to just the first section will make you a more intriguing storyteller. He is quirky, smart, interesting and funny. He tells a story about ketchup that in anyone else’s hands would put me to sleep. His excitement for ketchup is catching. In writing this blurb I found he also hosts a podcast called Revisionist History. I loved it so much I got diverted for an hour writing this paragraph. Click any link in this paragraph and see if you too get lost and caught up in his deep dive into mundane topics.

Success Story: MS patient

“Gail's knowledge and expertise are outmatched only by her empathy and care. She is an absolute gem and my quality of life has been infinitely improved by working with her. I have been seeing her for a year and a half now to help manage the inflammation in my body resulting from a few auto immune diseases. As a result of Gail's treatments and some other life changes, I've been able to significantly reduce the amount of medications I've been taking. Her skills are invaluable and I feel so fortunate to have found her.” - Kelsey G., written as a Google review

Quote I'm meditating on:

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair.” ― Susan Polis Schutz

Product I'm using: Roseview Glass Blender

At first this blender was going to be a huge hit. It is a perfect small blender with a glass container instead of plastic. Perfect for my hot liquids. It whipped up my hot mushroom tea to perfection. I couldn’t wait to share it will you and how much I loved it. It is rechargeable and has a top and bottom lid for easy packing to bring to work. It was the third use that changed my happiness to panic. It would not turn off no matter what I did. It sat on the counter whirring away turning my mushroom tea into a froth. I unscrewed the glass container thinking a safety mechanism would turn it off. It did not! It kept whirring away blades exposed. I had images of it slicing though anything it came near. I couldn’t unplug it because it wasn’t plugged in. I carefully put the glass container back on while a high pitch scrapping noice rang though the house as the blades hit the glass. I placed it on the patio four feet away from anything under careful watch. My fear was the motor would get so hot it would catch fire. I kept filling it with ice water to keep it cool. After some time it did eventually run out of energy. Needless-to-say, I returned it and now have an All-Clad stainless steel hand mixer. A cordless version is available. All-Clad is a good brand, but I wanted the power to unplug.

Music I'm listening to that makes me happy: Heat Waves by Glass Animals

If you live in Texas then you know.

ps I do not have any affiliation with the products mentioned. I like them and want you to know about them.

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