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Meet Gail

Clinic Director, Licensed Acupuncturist and 
Nationally Board Certified Acupuncturist 

Overcoming my skepticism to try Acupuncture took me years. How could these tiny needles make a difference? I suffered with severe shoulder pain for several years and was told many times by fellow athletes that I should try Acupuncture.  Attempting the traditional medical route I was told by several doctors they could not offer much relief from my pain and discomfort except to suggest surgery. I did not want surgery!


Almost seven years after my shoulder injury, I was teaching Biochemical Nutrition at Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine. The students finally convinced me to try Acupuncture. My student-Acupuncturist said that I needed to come in weekly for a couple of months, but that she believed I would be pain free, regain my full range of motion and be able to get back into all my favorite sports and activities. 


Acupuncture was surprisingly relaxing, my internal stress level was reduced and my sleep improved. Having my pain relieved was life-changing for me. I signed up to get my Master Degree at Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine the next semester. I wanted to be able to help people feel as good as I do. 

I decided to be adventurous and work on cruise ships for a few years doing Acupuncture around the world. I got my land-legs back and moved to Plano to be near my parents and open my clinic. I practiced in Plano for a year before Dr Cooper asked me to join his facility in McKinney. While Cooper Fitness is no longer around, I am and still in McKinney working with people with pain and stress.


I also offer MicroNeedling with stem cells, collagen, elastin and other topicals for scars, sunspots and facial rejuvenation. I found microneedling while asking around for a way to diminish some of my scars. I went to a dermatologist, a MedSpa and two estheticians looking for help. I wanted to reduce the appearance of a scar on my arm from a laser treatment. I have also used topical scar gels and silicon scar plasters with no visible change to my scar.


My scar is a result of a tattoo that turned greenish-blue from sun exposure. I went to a local, well-established school to have it removed by laser. I saw a graduate working in their professional clinic and was burned by the laser on the entirety of the tattoo. I'm self-conscious of it and put on concealer when I am sleeveless and really wanted to reduce the appearance of the scar, but I could not find anything that would help.


An acupuncturist friend has been doing microneedling for many years on herself and added it to her practice last year. She suggested I look into it. She said she has been having success with scars, stretch marks and fine lines and wrinkles. I trust her opinion and bought one and signed up for the certification class immediately. 


Being a Licensed Acupuncturist allows me to purchase vegan stem cells, collagen, elastin and other products to help facilitate healing and rejuvenation. Studies have found microneedling increases your body's ability to absorb these topicals 2,000-3,000%. 


In another study of the stem cell product I use it was shown that a 0.1% dilution stimulated the proliferation of human stem cells by 80%! This proliferation is what makes it such a great choice for scars, sunspots, fine lines and wrinkles. Price varies on the size of the area treated.

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