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Importance of a Scarf, and more

My Friday Five. Five things I've been pondering and exploring this week.

Health concept I'm pondering: Wearing a scarf

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and being bundled up was a show of weakness. I remember refusing to wear a winter coat until my hair started to freeze. Keeping your neck warm, both the front and the back, have a positive health consequence. Keeping your thyroid warm may help it's function and keeping the back of your neck warm can boost immunity. I like soft, natural fibers and found This one is organic cotton and helps fight poverty. (As a reminder, I don't make a penny off any recommendation.)

Product I'm exploring: Norwex

Do these really work? I don't have the proper science kit here to find out, but I like they way they clean and the way they feel. Since I've been using them to dry my hands they are noticeably softer. I was convinced to buy the mop system when my mop handle broke. I'm not a crazy with the mop, but apparently I mop vigorously enough to break my Bona mop. I have to say it does a better job and it's more ergonomic. It's like using a #swiffer, once I start I keep going.

Quote I'm meditating: Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. - Winston Churchill

Book I'm skimming: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

I used the power of habit with my patients when I was nutritional consulting in Hollywood. Changing one little thing a week, like drinking and extra glass of water each day, worked with celebrities, athletes and people like you and me. Charles Duhigg explores the science behind habit and human potential. I am listening to this one on #audible. Sometimes when things get to deep into science I lose interest. I haven't yet with this one. Update: I fell in love with this book! He is a great story teller and I was engaged with every story of each person overcoming obstacles for success. Highly recommend this book.

Music I'm listening to: Mary's Faith by Simon Le Grec

In clinic I play music without words. My patients will tell you the sound of a wooden flute will send me flying across the room to skip to the next song. In the waiting room I play a little more upbeat music. This song makes me feel light and floaty and not a single wooden flute.

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