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Bad hair days, water filters, and more

My Friday Five. Five things I've been implementing and exploring this week.

Health idea I've implemented: Dry Skin Brushing

Using a natural dry brush on your skin can improve circulation, open pores, and help skin to detox. When I worked on cruise ships it was always a joke that we made sure to educate our patients about dry brushing and to be sure they walked out of the spa with one. Always use the brush dry with gentle sweeping motions toward your heart. It's invigorating and once you get used to the roughness of the brush your skin will start to crave it.

Product I'm using: Aquasana Shower Filter

I had an Acupuncturist from Florida that worked for me say it best, "Dallas water is weird. Why does my hair keep doing this?". If you shower here without a filter you probably know the "this" she is talking about. I don't know the deal with the water here, but I love my hair when I travel and want to shave it all off when I'm here. After searching for a shower filter I decided on the Aquasana Shower Filter. It's not perfect and I'm open to other suggestions if you have them. Since using it my skin is less dry and itchy. My hair is softer, but still missing a lot of its curl.

Quote I'm meditating:

Dear Listeners,

I was having trouble getting to sleep at night. Instead of counting sheep, I found myself counting people going up a mountain to see a holy man. Each night, semiconscious, I came to know this holy man and the pilgrims.

My insomnia problem was solved. Now I had a story to write. I wrote it quickly, although years later, when asked how long it took to write, I said 50 years, which was also true. - Susan Trott, author of The Man on the Mountaintop

Book I'm reading: The Man on the Mountaintop by Susan Trott

Would you walk nine miles one way to wait in a mile long line with a slim change of spending a few seconds with a man that could change your life? The Man on the Mountaintop was free with my Audible account read by Stanley Tucci and others. The author doesn't make you search for the lesson. The pleasure of the book is listening to each traveler absorbing and applying the advice. It's simple, inspiring and uplifting. I won't spoil to journey of the Holy Man for you because he has some baggage too.

Music I'm listening to: I Put A Spell On You sung by Annie Lennox (Grammy Performance 2015) She is introduced around the two minute mark. I have been in awe of Annie Lennox since her Sweet Dreams video in the early 80's. She has probably been performing since the early 70's and consistently brings one of the most passionate, raw performances I've ever seen.

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