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Bowls that sing of human wisdom

My Friday Five. Five things I've been implementing and exploring this week.

Health idea I've implemented: 528 Hz Tuning Forks for DNA Repair

I worked at the White Crane Herbal Pharmacy when I was studying Chinese Medicine. We sold lots of really cool sound therapy tools. The ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls weren't my thing. They drove me crazy because everyone coming into the store would play them. The Tuning forks soothed my soul. The tone is almost inaudible, but the vibration can be felt through my body. I bought mine with my employee discount decades ago and then, like with many fun gadgets, I forgot about it. I pulled it out a few months ago after being reminded (for the hundredth time) that sound is an incredible healer. I feel my breath let go when I use it. I bang it on my leg and wave it around my head and body...and then I do it to Augie! It's a great way to start the day before meditating.

Product I'm discovering: Jack Black Lip Balm

I try not to be a heavy lip balm user. Most of them taste gross or smell worse. They can cause more dryness than before you put it on creating a need. I like Jack Black. It doesn't melt in my car or make my lips more dry after it wears off. The cooler weather has finally hit Dallas and this is a lip lifesaver. I like the black tea one because it has the least smell and taste, but they're all good. Shea butter is the main ingredient which doesn't clog pores or dry out your skin.

Quote I'm meditating: All human wisdom is summed up in two words; wait and hope. - Alexandre Dumas

Book I'm reading: The Art of Memoir by Mary Karr

The Art of Memoir is really a how to write a memoir, but it's also about how to look at your life history with curiosity instead of judgement. I appreciate that she pushes for truthfulness and not hiding. She quotes (and has taught) many memoirs that I have read and enjoyed for their raw honesty. Honesty versus truth. I hadn't thought about the distinction between the two. During her classes at Syracuse she would invite a well loved professor in to start an escalating argument with her. It was well orchestrated and he became the aggressor. After he left she would have each student write down as much detail as they could remember. There are actually a few people with perfect memory that could recount the event with exacting recall. Most of us don't have that and our judgement and life experiences taint how we remember events. Her experiment points it out so clearly. Even if you're not writing a memoir this is a great book to help you see your past as a learning and growing experience instead of a place of pain and sadness.

Music I'm listening to: No Trouble by The Weepies

Watching the video and just learning what she had gone through a few years prior gave so many meaning to the lyrics. It makes me love this wife and husband team even more.

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