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Peanut protein bars, liquid chlorophyll benefit and more...

My Friday Five. Five things I've been implementing and exploring this week.

Health idea I've implemented: Chlorophyll Complex by Standard Process

I have been drinking liquid chlorophyll for decades until I listened to a seminar discussing the research on chlorophyll. It turns out I've been taking the wrong kind for what I've been wanting to accomplish. The research on all the benefits of chlorophyll include: increased red blood cell count, reduced free radicals and decreased inflammation. All the research conducted was with an oil based chlorophyll, not liquid! The Standard Process perles have their own research available. It's also great for wound healing.

Product I'm discovering: Fittastik Protein Bars

Cara Bonney, Pilates instructor at Club Pilates in McKinney, gave me two boxes of these delicious bars. I have a sensitivity to peanut flavored things, but these don't seem to bother me. I've been eating one every day since she gave them to me. They are satisfying and fill me up. Thanks, Cara!

Quote I'm meditating: I am more than my scars. - Andrew Davidson, The Gargoyle

Book I'm reading: The Subtle Are of Not Giving A F*CK: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson

Don't let the title of this book deter you. Mark Manson uses the work f*ck what seems like a hundred times in the introduction alone. I believe it's to help you get over it and care less about that word and more about his ideas. I like his style. He doesn't say anything new, but he does say it in a way I can understand. Two things have stayed with me since reading his book. 1) You have a pretty good life if you have the time and energy to get upset at the checkout counter because they won't accept your expired coupon. 2) If you don't look back on things you've said or written without cringing with embarrassment, you haven't grown. This second thought is what gave me the courage to write this blog.

Music I'm listening to: Fallin' and Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys

Watching Alicia Keys the Grammy Awards with no makeup and a casual looking trash bag all the while looking fabulous was an excellent shout out to everyone. Her look said to me, "You are incredible just being you.". You can be powerful and beautiful just being yourself. It also reminding me how much I love her voice and haven't stopped singing Fallin' and Girl on Fire since watching the show.

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