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Pop out close to the sun and eating the bright

My Friday Five: Five things I've been implementing and exploring this week.

Health idea I've implemented: Bright Bars

I love Bright Bars! They are fruit and veggies smashed into a bar. I love all the fiber. I love the tart taste from the lemon. I love the crunch from the nuts. I buy all they have when I go to Sprouts. I eat one every morning as my breakfast snack before I get into the real breakfast and sometimes have one as my afternoon snack!

Product I'm discovering: Bite Helper

The Thermacell continues to work great at keeping away mosquitos when I'm sitting outside on the patio. The mosquitos continue to find me when I'm out walking around. Yesterday I had eight bites in a manner of minutes. I used to heat up a barley bag in the microwave and lay it on my bites. The heat causes a chemical reaction that breaks down the proteins that causes the mosquito bite to itch. Bite Helper is a simple device that vibrates and heats up to stop the itch. You can tell when the proteins are breaking down because there will be intense heat during the chemical reaction. The intense heat happens whether using the microwave bag or Bite Helper. Both are very effective.

Quote I'm meditating: Stay close to people who feel like sunshine. - Unknown

Documentary I'm watching: Heal

The power of the mind repeatedly and continually astounds me. Heal is a documentary that explores different methods that people have used to heal their body from diseases doctors and surgeons were not able to treat and, in some cases, diagnose. I have used every therapy they have mentioned at some point in my life and continue to use many of them as well. A few of my favorites that I've been doing for year are: Energy Repatterning, Reiki and Sound Healing. These sessions seem "out there" to someone just being introduced. They are lifesavers to people that have been able to tap into the power to heal.

Music I'm listening to: Pop Out Again by Polo G feat. Lil Tjay or Lil Baby and Gunna

It maybe controversial, but I like both versions. The differences are subtle and I end up singing them in my head for days. Here's the version with Lil Tjay and the version featuring Lil Baby and Gunna. (This song uses some harsh language and images.)

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