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Rock Your Baby

My Friday Five. Five things I've been implementing and exploring this week.

Book I'm Reading: Limitless by Jim Kwik

A friend recommended a podcast where Jim Kwik was being interviewed for the release of his new book, Limitless. He had a serious head trauma as a young child and was told he was "the one with the broken brain". He barely got through school. This book discusses his personal journey to unlocking his brain so he could learn, read, and thrive. There is a great video where he teaches a group of people how to remember everyones names. I think it's so important that we continue to learn, read and remember no matter our age.

As kids everything is new and we are constantly creating new neurological pathways. I don't think we should keep doing the same thing every day, not learning and not challenging our brain. There is a joy in learning something new and an excitement in pursuing something a new hobby or activity. I am a huge believer that we can be more than we believe is possible.

Having a phone at the ready creates a dependance that doesn't invite us to challenge our brain to learn or remember. I encourage you to give yourself the challenge to remember, start telling yourself you can remember and learn new things that excite you. It is not too late to grow, change and improve. There is joy in the pursuit!

Success Story:

A patient in her 20s had to have extensive hip surgery. She was a triathlete at the top of her game when hip pain started to plague her. She saw several specialist and did everything possible to avoid surgery. Unfortunately, surgery was inevitable. She had to have bones shaved in several places and a torn labrum reattached. She had to use a walker for months. She remained positive during the most difficult of days and has recovered and started to run again.

She came to be with some hip restriction, pain and swelling around her hip. I used an ancient anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing technique. I added modern day alpha-stim since she is in school, recovering from surgery and working. After one session she reported to me today the swelling is down and her mom thinks I'm awesome. I love her excitement at getting better and I'm so happy to be part of her success.

Quote I'm meditating on:

“What's the bravest thing you've ever said?" asked the boy.

"Help", said the horse.”

Charlie Mackesy, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

I could not pick just one quote from this short movie. I highly recommending taking time to watch and listen. Click this link to read many of the wonderful quotes from this beautiful movie.

Product I'm using:

Eurographics 1000 piece puzzle: Frida Kahlo

I love the immersive art exhibits and have seen many. Frida Kahlo was at the Lighthouse Artspace in Dallas. I also love art museum gift shops, but rarely purchase anything. After the Kahlo exhibit I bought this self-portrait puzzle.It was fun and easy until all of that blue background! I will complete it...

Music I'm listening to that makes me happy:

Rock Your Baby by George McCrae (1974)

ps I do not have any affiliation with the products mentioned. I like them and want you to know about them.

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