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The Most Passionate NO!

My Friday Five. Five things I've been implementing and exploring this week.

*Artist Jennifer Joseph's chandelier made of acupuncture needles at the Vladem Contemporary

Show I'm Watching: Limitless with Chris Hemsworth.

Limitless with Chris Hemsworth on Disney+ is one of those shows that excites and encourages me. It reminds me how much living I have left to do. I'm now fasting and jumping into my 41-degree pool. My Aunt recommended this show, knowing I would love it. She knows me very well. I'm obsessed. I've always enjoyed pushing myself physically and mentally. I have looked for ways to challenge myself beyond my comfort zone and what I think I can do. Limitless has given me the courage to expand and grow in more ways and not be afraid of failure. I've watched the first three episodes and continue to bounce off the walls when I talk about it. It's not a fluff piece at all. You can see Chris taking himself to the brink. Sometimes he fails, which makes it all the more real. Sometimes he overcomes his fears which encourages me to do the same.

Success Story: Acne Scars

A high school senior came in with bright red, deep acne scars across his forehead, temples and jawline. He was hoping to reduce their appearance before he leaves for college next year. After his first microneedling session with stem cells and an herb to clear acne, he said his grandma noticed improvements. The scars were less red and his forehead was starting to look smoother. His sister approached me after his second session to thank me for how good her brother was looking. His scars were no longer bright red, but his regular skin tone. His forehead was smooth, and she felt the deeper scars on his temples and jawline were also looking much better. I'm thankful he came in to see me to avoid being ashamed of how his skin looks. I don't have before and after pictures yet, but I will after a few more sessions. You'll be amazed!

Quote I'm meditating on:

“If you avoid all risk, you'll never know what you're capable of." -- Faith Dickey, Pro Highliner

Here is a link to watch Faith cross a canyon on a slackline in heels.

Product I'm using: Cold Plunge

Cold plunging is something I repeatedly and emphatically told myself and anyone who would listen that I would not try. It was required that I jump into a freezing cold pool from the time I was six. It is not going to happen. Period. As recently as a few weeks ago, I was passionately telling my physical therapist I would not try cold plunging. I half-jokingly said it had the potential of decreasing the happiness of my life. The next morning after watching Limitless, which I mentioned above, I jumped into 41-degree water. My goal was thirty seconds. I made it a minute. The next day I went ninety seconds and yesterday I went a full three minutes. The benefits after just three days are improved energy throughout the day and increased confidence that I am stronger mentally than I thought.

Music I'm listening to that makes me happy: Miracle by Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris

ps Click on blue links to learn more on the topic.

pps I do not have any affiliation with the products mentioned. I like them and want you to know about them.

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