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The softness of calloused hands and dancing with La Flaca

My Friday Five. Five things I've been implementing and exploring this week.

Health idea I've implemented: Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Organic Fiber Prebiotic

I'm blogging about fiber again! I know, I know, but I can't help it. Even the Mayo Clinic agrees that high fiber diets are shown to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and ALL cancers.

Product I'm discovering: DeWalt Cordless Rechargeable Leaf Blower

I had no idea I needed a leaf blower! I was walking through Home Depot with a friend that was visiting from Las Vegas. She said “I’m getting you this for your birthday present.”. I laughed and said “That would be awesome!”. Of course I thought she was joking as she proceeded to pick it up and carry it to the register. We charged it as soon as we got home and started using it. The garage has never looked so good! Another friend said he uses his to clean underneath appliances in the house. Look out refrigerator, I’m coming for you today!

Poem I'm meditating:

With callused hands i tasted the softness of the moon in the coldest winds i discovered my soul's warmest fireplace in the roughness of his stubble the tenderest love.

- Sanober Khan, A Thousand Flamingos

Documentary I’m watching: The Black Godfather

I was heading to watch The Incredibles when my plan took a 180. I love how Netflix automatically shows trailers and clips whenever you’re looking things to watch. Netflix threw up The Black Godfather trailer. I had never heard of Clarence Avant nor knew such a man existed that was so connected, passionate and willing to help others succeed. With an eighth grade education Clarence Avant became the man to know in movies, film, politics and more. He knows EVERYONE! It is fantastic watching how a kid from a one room school house in Greensboro, North Carolina found himself meeting with world leaders, getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and helping others live right and be successful.

Music I'm listening to: La Flaca by Jarabe de Palo

The skinny girl makes my head and feet dance!

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