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Thermography and Bad Blood

My Friday Five. Five things I've been implementing and exploring this week.

Health idea I've implemented: ComfortTrac Deluxe Home Cervical Traction

There are several neck traction devices available. I chose this style because I felt I had more control of how much traction is used. I recommend having a professional help set this up for you. Your neck is fragile and it could be easy to injure yourself or cause a muscle spasm. Once you know how to use it you will feel a lot of your neck and upper back tension release. Combined with acupuncture and cupping I have noticed how much easier it is for me to turn my neck when I'm driving.

Product I'm discovering: Thermography

I am heading to Irving for a thermography appointment this Saturday. Last year I went to this thermography center in Dallas that tests 110 different points. I talked with the place in Irving and he said they used to use that technology, but they've upgraded to a machine that tests 83,000 points. At leasts that's the number I remember hearing. I had my mammogram which led to a biopsy. They found some atypical cells and want to cut a golf ball size chunk out of me. I'm not interested in losing any flesh and would rather monitor closely. This is the first step in that process. The results which I will bring to the surgeon and plead my case in March.

Quote I'm meditating: Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. - Theodore Roosevelt

Book I'm reading: Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou

I must have a thing for sociopaths. Bad Blood is as riveting to me as Fyre Festival. I'm more passionate about this fraud case because it involves people's health and well-being. It follows the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. She is charismatic, passionate, focused and a liar. She had an estimated net worth around $4 billion and now faces up to 20 years in prison. I could write pages on all that went down at Theranos and the number of people she lied too and deceived. She had Obama, James Mattis, George Shultz, Henry Kissinger and more believing she had a product that worked and was being used in hospitals and medevac helicopters. There was no working product. There wasn't even a working prototype. Like Billy McFarland she had a vision of greatness and she wanted to give people something incredible. She was too inept and ignored, fired and/or sued all the people that tried to show her the system failures. Her dream was to be able to do hundreds of lab tests from a few drops of blood. What she did was put inaccurate lab tests in Walgreens. These inaccurate tests sometimes told people they had a serious illness and lead some to believe they had cancer. The book is fantastic, but HBO is releasing a documentary mid-March which should be enough for you to understand the depth of this woman's psychosis.

Music I'm listening to: Rubberband Man by The Spinners

I asked a friend for a rubber band last weekend and started singing The Spinners song. I haven't stopped singing since.

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