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Wimoweh and fighting Lyme Disease with sweetness

My Friday Five. Five things I've been implementing and exploring this week.

Health idea I've implemented: Stevia

A recent study has shown stevia to kill the Lyme Disease bacteria better than the traditional antibiotics while in a test tube. If it killed Lyme who knows what else it might help in my body. They used alcohol extracted whole leaf stevia for the study. They have also found that powdered stevia had several toxic substances in it. I bought Now brand liquid organic from Sprouts. If you know of a better brand please let me know!

Product I'm discovering: Zymox Topical Inflammation Spray

We all have allergy symptoms at the house. Some of us sneeze, others have runny noses and some of us chew our feet. I have been using Zymox Oratene toothpaste for the pups for a couple of years with great results. Augie was having terrible plaque build up just a few months after her cleaning. My vet told me I needed to brush her teeth regularly. She hasn't needed another cleaning since I started using the toothpaste every other day. Knowing the toothpaste is recommended by my vet, I was comfortable using the spray on their feet and it seems to make them more comfortable and chew a lot less. I've even used it on a few mosquito bites.

Quote I'm meditating: Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. - Anthony J. D'Angelo

Documentary I'm watching: Remastered on Netflix

Watching one Remastered hooked me and now I want to see them all. The are fascinating music documentaries that are on topics you probably don't know much about. I watched the one about "The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)". It was written and recorded by a poor South African. The story documents the family's fight to collect some of the millions of earning the song made. The documentary looks at what was going on in South Africa and globally at the time and how the song became a major hit. It's a journey of discovery, forgiveness and letting go.

Music I'm listening to: Sucker by Jonas Brothers

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