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Gail Daugherty was the first acupuncturist invited to work with Dr Kenneth Cooper, The Cooper Institute and Cooper Fitness and Spa.

Meet Your Healer and Acupuncturist

Gail Daugherty

Clinic Director, Licensed Acupuncturist and
Nationally Board Certified Acupuncturist 


Gail overcame her skepticism to believe in Acupuncture through her own experience in healing.  Gail suffered with severe shoulder pain for several years.  Various doctors were not able to offer much relief from her discomfort except to suggest surgery.


A fellow triathlete suggested that she try Acupuncture. She had heard of Acupuncture, but didn't understand it or how it could help.   She also thought that the needles would hurt and also did not believe that tiny needles could make a difference anyway.


However, after another year of competing  in serious pain she gave Acupuncture a try and became completely pain free and had full range of motion back within four months.  The treatments also relaxed her and improved her sleep.


Gail decided that she wanted to offer Acupuncture to people who needed another option for pain management and injury recovery instead of surgery and medications.  After getting her Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree, she moved to the McKinney/Dallas area to open her clinic and be near her parents.

Professional Athlete's Dislocated Shoulder


I had dislocated my shoulder many times and have tried medication and physio, but nothing has been as effective as acupuncture. — C.K.

Pain in Lower Back

I came in with lower back pain to the point where it hurt to

move. After my first session I am happy to say that my lower

back pain is gone. — S.L.

6510 Virginia Parkway

Suite 203 (inside Volterra)

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