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Why Choose Pain Free Dallas

Why Choose Pain Free Dallas

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Gail has wonderful energy! Very kind and knowledgeable.

Pain Free Living Begins Today…


Meet Gail 

Licensed Acupuncturist and Nationally Board Certified Acupuncturist 

How do you describe the passion and love you have for your life and work? I was as the lake this weekend and a friend asked how I describe what I do. If you’ve ever been to see me you know I do more than just acupuncture. How do I describe the passion and care that I put into every person that comes to see me? How do I sum up how I take extra classes on the weekend when one of you comes to me with a problem that isn’t improving? How can I describe how many thousands of people have found relief in my office when they had exhausted other options?


Honestly, I have no idea. I told her I use acupuncture to help relieve pain and anxiety. This description falls short of how much love and compassion I put into my work. A friend at the lake with me, Paula Calise, wrote a book called “The Art of Hello: Be Remembered in a Noisy World”. She would be very disappointed in my description.

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Pain Free Living Starts Today ...

I had dislocated my shoulder many times and have tried medication and physio, but nothing has been as effective as acupuncture. — C.K.

I came in with lower back pain to the point where it hurt to move. After my first session, I am happy to say that my lower back pain is gone. — S.L.

Gail is an excellent acupuncturist and a great person. I have been using her services for a long time and have excellent results. She also helped out my daughter's stress last year before her wedding. - E.J.

Hopefully, now I’ll be able to compete in Olympic team trials, for because of acupuncture, I now have no physical limitations.