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Peloton, TED Talks and Podcasts...

My Friday Five. Five things I've been implementing and exploring this week. #peloton #tonyrobbins #bulletproof #TEDtalk #applewatch

Health concepts year in review: 18 Health Trends That Will Be Hot in 2018

I love the year in review on almost every topic. It may seem like a lazy blog, but you've no idea how many "Top Ten for 2018" lists I've read. This is a list published the end of 2017. I think this hit a lot of the hot health trends, but it missed wearable technology that does so much more than count steps. A patient came in the other day with an Apple Watch. The watch tracked her EKG and reported it to her doctor. She had just gotten it since she had an incident where it would have been helpful for her doctor to have the information. I am not a fan of wearable tech. I think we're exposed to enough information through our phones, computers and TVS. I was playing tennis with a friend that would be about to serve and stop to read a text.

Product I'm discovering: Peloton Stationary Bike

A triathlete friend of mine that lives in Seattle purchased a Peloton. He has planned on hating it and returning it. Six months later he should probably get paid for selling them to everyone he meets. He's a very social guy and was surprised how much he enjoyed the live classes. I've never been on one, but their multi-million dollar ad campaign makes me want one every time I see it.

Quote I'm meditating: We become happier, much happier, when we realize that life is an opportunity rather than an obligation. - Mary Augustine

Listen to these when you have time. Keep listening to the ones you enjoy and listen to the ones that don't catch your interest just a little while longer.

Podcasts I'm listening to: 7 Best Podcasts of 2018 from

I'm a fan of Tony Robbins and I've been listening to him for a couple of decades and I've read every one of Malcolm Gladwell's books, but this list introduced me to some great podcasts. Not everyone lights my fire, but there's enough good here that I think they're all worth a listen once in a while. I will add a friend and fellow acupuncturist loves Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey I've listen to the Tony Robbins interview (of course), and a few others.

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